Safe Room Grants & Rebates: How it Works

Raise your hand if you’ve received a safe room grant or rebate in Oklahoma. We’ve gotten so many calls this week from rebate recipients…….. Now what do you do? Let me tell you, I’ve attended grant and rebate meetings recently and they make it sound like a scary thing. The process […]

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Grady County FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate Program

Grady County has received the FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate & awardees + alternates have been announced today. We are experts at working with grant & rebate recipients. We make the process as easy as possible for you! Click here to see how it works. All of our storm shelter doors […]

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7 Reasons Our Customers Love Us and You Will Too

If you have researched storm shelters, septic systems or backhoe services in Oklahoma, you may have seen our name pop up a time or two. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are where we hang out the most. But what makes us different than everyone else? Why have our customers chosen us instead of […]


8 Ways to Connect With Us Online

Connect with us online to see our latest work, find answers to your questions, receive exclusive discounts, participate in contests, read our reviews and get involved in community events. There are tons of ways to find us online, but for this post, we narrowed it down to 8. (If you […]


Storm Shelter Permits in Oklahoma: How to Get One

One of our most frequently asked questions is “Do I have to get a permit before you install my storm shelter?” Whether it’s an outdoor storm shelter or a safe room, the answer is almost always YES!  Each city has different rules & regulations, so the cost of the permit […]

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Installing a Swimming Pool: How We Can Help

Warmer weather. Longer days. Fun in the sun. Get togethers. We are so close to summer and we can not wait. We’ve had the opportunity to create a space for several new swimming pool owners around the metro over the last few years. Homeowners call Sprague’s Backhoe because they know […]

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City of Tuttle FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate Program

The City of Tuttle, Oklahoma has received the FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate & awardees + alternates were announced today. Because Tuttle is home to us, we are offering $100 off any storm shelter to recipients of the FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate in Tuttle! We are experts at working with grant […]

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Pawsitively Pampered 2017: A Dog Wash Fundraiser

We ended the 2017 Pawsitively Pampered Dog Wash with the highest numbers we’ve had yet. Thank you so much to everyone who came! From 10am-4pm: We had over 100 volunteers 235 dogs washed 172 nails clipped 9 express glands 74 groomed 36 vendors 5 food trucks AND Captain America made […]

Pawsitively Pampered - Dog Wash

6 Reasons You Should Come to Pawsitively Pampered

It’s been almost 7 years since we adopted Ellie from Pets & People Humane Society in Yukon. We love this animal rescue so much. Shortly after we adopted Ellie, I wanted to get more involved with this rescue. As a mom with a toddler (just one at the time), there wasn’t many […]

Pawsitively Pampered - Dog Wash