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Safe Room Grants & Rebates: How it Works

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Storm Shelter Grant & Rebate Programs

Have you received a storm shelter grant or rebate in Oklahoma?

We’ve gotten so many calls this week from rebate recipients.

Now what do you do?

Let me tell you, I’ve attended my fair share of rebate meetings recently and they make it sound like a scary thing. The process is not as scary as it sounds, I promise.

We’ve outlined our most frequently asked questions by grant and rebate recipients.

Storm Shelter Grants & Rebates- How it Works

Which Storm Shelter Should You Get?

First, decide which storm shelter is best for your family. In most cases, it’s totally up to you, but read over the paperwork you received to make sure any size and style you choose is acceptable.

Our most popular storm shelter with grant and rebate recipients is the 6×8 slope front storm shelter.

Do I need a Storm Shelter Permit?

Most cities require a building permit, which is purchased by the homeowner. Before you go, call to confirm with them what you need to bring.

Most of the time, the engineer drawing of the storm shelter (provided by us) and a plot plan of your property to show where your storm shelter will be located are required. Your plot plan doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a simple drawing of where your house is and where you plan to install your new storm shelter on your property.

If you live outside of city limits, building permits may not be required. Check with your city or county to find out.

Once you have the building permit, you are ready to install your storm shelter! Call your favorite storm shelter company (that’s us) to get scheduled. 405-600-4905.

Read Storm Shelter Permits in Oklahoma: How to Get One

What do I do after the Installation?

Paperwork time.

Some organizations require more paperwork than others, but it’s all pretty straight forward…and easy.

The paperwork on grants is quite a bit different from rebates and can vary a little, depending on who issued it. We’ve broken it down into lists of common requirements for each below.

Storm Shelter Rebates

You’ll need (…and remember, each rebate is different, so the list of requirements will vary by organization):

  • A signed contract (we fill everything out for you. We just need your signature once you’ve read over it.)
  • A copy of your paid invoice (we will mark it paid once the job is complete.)
  • A copy of the method of payment (we will provide you with a copy of the cancelled check, credit card receipt or cash in full receipt.)
  • A completed & signed voucher/grant or rebate paperwork (We will sign it & have it notarized when the job is complete.)
  • A copy of the storm shelter warranty (it’s attached to your contract and is yours to keep.)
  • Some require you to submit photographs with the paperwork (ex. picture of the front of your house, picture of the storm shelter, etc. Check your rebate paperwork for details on the requirements.)

The rebate recipient pays for the storm shelter in full upon completion of the installation. We will provide you with the paperwork above if applicable. Once you’ve submitted your paperwork to the city, county or organization, it could take up to 12 weeks to receive your rebate.

If you can’t or don’t want pay for the storm shelter in full up front, we have tornado shelter financing options.

Storm Shelter Grants

For safe room grants, we handle all the paperwork. You pay the difference upon completion. (Example: if your storm shelter is $3,650 and you have a $2,500 grant. You’ll pay us $1,150.) Before we leave, you’ll give us your grant/voucher sheet. We handle the paperwork and the organization pays us directly.

A Tip from the Experts

Don’t wait until the last minute to call. Allow yourself plenty of time. Keep in mind that while we do our best to get you installed within 2-3 weeks, rain, bad weather & holidays push us back. We all know how unpredictable Oklahoma weather is.

We are experts at working with Oklahoma homeowners who have received a safe room grant or rebate. We’ve worked with more grant & rebate recipients than we can even count and we make the process easy for you.

Ready to get started? Contact us to get on our schedule.