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Oklahoma Storm Shelters
and Safe Rooms


With the rise of interest rates, now is the time to finance your storm shelter at 2.99% APR.


We have been installing storm shelters and safe rooms in Oklahoma for over 20 years. Sprague’s Backhoe has a storm shelter for every family and budget. 

Oklahomans call us for storm shelters and safe rooms because we are highly skilled at what we do, we offer the highest degree of customer satisfaction, we have over 2 decades of experience in storm shelter and safe room installation and we treat every yard as if it were our own.



Storm Shelters
& Safe Rooms

We provide both above-ground and underground storm shelters and safe rooms. Please click below to learn more about each type. 

Available Products_6x8 concrete above ground storm shelter

Above Ground Storm Shelters

Available Products_6x8 Slope Front Storm Shelter

Below Ground Storm Shelters

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Whether or not you need a storm shelter in Oklahoma will depend on your individual needs and risk factors. It’s important to assess your personal level of risk and make a decision based on that.

Installing a precast storm shelter has several benefits, including cost-effectiveness compared to custom-built shelters. Most of our precast shelters also feature a decorative stamped concrete design, enhancing the beauty of your property. Additionally, precast shelter installation is a less invasive process to your property.

The recommended occupancy for tornado shelters varies based on the size and design of the shelter. We have storm shelters that can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 16 people. If you need another solution, contact us to see how we can help!


We install above ground safe rooms anywhere within Oklahoma state lines. Areas outside of a 60 mile radius of Blanchard may incur a travel charge, which will be discussed at the time of booking.

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