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Storm Shelter Financing in Oklahoma

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A storm shelter is a must-have when living in Oklahoma, but it’s not always easy to fit into a budget. Financing a storm shelter is easy.

Our storm shelters range from $3,500-7,100, depending on which style you choose and if you want your leftover dirt hauled off.

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Headache-free Storm Shelter Financing

Tinker Federal Credit Union has been financing storm shelters for our customers for over 9 years now. The convenience, customer service and low interest rates are what make them best choice in financing for our customers.

Applying for a Storm Shelter Loan

Applying for storm shelter financing is easy and can all conveniently be done online. Of course, you can still apply in person at any branch, but if your schedule is a busy one, nothing beats the convenience of taking care of everything digitally.

Loan Approval

Once your application has been received, a loan officer will contact you and let you know if your loan has been approved and what the next step is.

You will need a contract from us to give to your loan officer. This will have all of our information on it, plus the price of the storm shelter you have selected. If we know ahead of time that you are applying for financing, we can get this form ready for you so you’ll have it before they ask.

In most cases, all of the loan documents can be signed electronically, which adds even more convenience. If you do end up needing to visit a branch, there are locations all over the OKC Metro.

Once the loan has been approved and documents have been signed, the loan officer will issue you a check made out to Sprague’s Backhoe in the dollar amount of your storm shelter and you will give it to Jack on the day of installation. We do not require a down payment or pre-payment.

Storm Shelter Loan APR & Repayment

Visit these banks online to see current rates and repayment terms:

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