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Oklahoma Above Ground Storm Shelter Installation


With the rise of interest rates, now is the time to finance your storm shelter at 2.99% APR.

above ground safe rooms are becoming more and more popular

common reasons why people want above ground storm shelters

  • Climbing up and down stairs is difficult for you now, so you’d like safety from storms without an underground shelter.
  • Being closed in tight spaces, especially underground, causes you to feel great anxiety, so you’d like storm shelter above ground.
  • You’re younger, love your home and expect to live there for many, many years. An above ground storm shelter is planning for the future.
  • This is about your parents. They’re older, still able to live on their own, but use walkers/wheelchairs. You’d like them to be able to quickly and easily secure themselves in a shelter during a storm.

Whichever reason brought you to this page, we’re here to help.


Above Ground
Safe Room Pricing

All pricing includes installation. Leveling a space for your safe room is a service we offer at no additional charge. No tax, no deposit, no hidden fees.

Available Products_7x9 concrete above ground storm shelter

7x9 Above Ground Safe Room


Our 7×9 concrete above ground safe room holds up to 16 people and is anchored down with (8) 3′ metal anchors.

Available Products_6x8 concrete above ground storm shelter

6x8 Above Ground Safe Room


Our 6×8 concrete above ground safe room holds up to 12 people and is anchored down with (6) 3′ metal anchors.

Available Products_5×7 concrete above ground storm shelter

5x7 Above Ground Safe Room


Our 5×7 concrete above ground safe room holds up to 9 people and is anchored down with (6) 3′ metal anchors.

Above Ground Storm Shelter
Saves Cole Family's Lives

A powerful tornado outbreak hit Oklahoma on April 19, 2023, causing extensive damage and claiming two lives. Learn how one family survived thanks to their above-ground storm shelter, and the importance of having one in severe weather.

April 19 2023 Tornado Youtube Overlay
Play Video about April 19 2023 Tornado Youtube Overlay


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Why Choose Sprague’s Backhoe to Install Your Above Ground Storm Shelter?

Sprague’s Backhoe uses the highest quality of products & materials and offers a level of detailed services that cannot be matched by larger companies. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been installing above ground storm shelters in Oklahoma for over 20 years.

We listen

We don’t talk at you, we listen and then help you find the best solution for your situation.

We're Dependable

You can count on us to show up when we say we will, work hard and do a great job.

Transparent Pricing

Many companies keep their pricing vague. We let you know right here on the website how much our above ground storm shelters cost, before you call.

No deposit

We do not require a down payment to get on our safe room schedule, but payment is due in full at the time of installation.

Highly recomended

Our happy customers leave glowing reviews on Google and Facebook.


Financing is easy and can be done online. Once you've filled out your application, let us know so we can send you the paperwork your loan officer will ask for.

How Safe are Above Ground Safe Rooms?​

Above ground storm shelters installed by Sprague’s Backhoe are built to withstand an F5 tornado. Each above ground safe room has the following features:



Each above ground storm shelter installed by Sprague’s Backhoe includes a stamped rock pattern and a steel powder coated door, which will help minimize rusting. 

To maximize air flow in each safe room, there is an 8″ turbine, a 3″ vent and a vent in the door on each unit.



Our above ground storm shelters are 6,000 PSI reinforced pre-cast concrete with 1/2″ rebar on 10″ centers and anchored down with (6-8) 3′ metal anchors.

The doors are vertically reinforced steel with a triple latch system and has been tested at Texas Tech University.

All storm shelters installed by Sprague’s Backhoe meet or exceed FEMA 320 & ICC 500 guidelines.



All above ground safe rooms come with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Bonus features

Each safe room is poured and delivered as a one piece unit (floor included) and made in Oklahoma.

If you need a space leveled for your safe room, we offer that service at no additional charge.

Choose the Best Above Ground Storm Shelter for Your Home

Prepare for the next storm with confidence by finding the perfect above ground storm shelter for you and your family. Take our quick and easy quiz now to see which shelter fits your needs!

Additional Information About Safe Room Installations


During the fall and winter months, your safe room installation can be typically be scheduled within 3-6 weeks from the date you call. However, during spring or summer months, it could take up to 16+ weeks to get you scheduled. Snow, rain and severe weather can also delay our schedule. 

OKIE 811

Sprague’s Backhoe will contact OKIE 811 to locate member companies’ lines before we start your job.

Note: OKIE 811 does not locate gas lines, sewer lines or water lines from the meter to the house, private water and septic lines or sprinkler lines. It is the customer’s responsibility to know the location of private lines.

Storm Shelter Permits

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain a storm shelter permit from their city office, if required, but each city has different requirements and pricing.

Above Ground Storm Shelter Delivery Video

Once the installation site is leveled and prepped, the safe room can be unloaded from the truck.

Product Page_7x9 Concrete Above Ground Storm Shelter Bottom View
Play Video about Product Page_7x9 Concrete Above Ground Storm Shelter Bottom View

Above Ground Storm Shelter Anchoring Video

One of our most frequently asked questions is “How are your safe rooms anchored down?” 

Product Page_7x9 Concrete Above Ground Storm Shelter_Double
Play Video about Product Page_7x9 Concrete Above Ground Storm Shelter_Double


Let us know how we can help!


Yes, Sprague’s Backhoe’s above ground storm shelters are fully equipped to handle even the most intense weather conditions, including an EF5 tornado. Our storm shelters meet and exceed FEMA guidelines and are engineered to withstand the full force of an EF5 tornado.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our shelters are capable of providing the protection you need during a severe weather event.

Our above ground storm shelters are anchored firmly into the ground with 3′ steel anchors, with 6-8 anchors used depending on the model selected. This robust anchoring system results in a total weight of approximately 150,000 lbs, thanks to the weight of the shelter combined with the downward force of the anchors.

Ensuring proper anchoring is crucial for the safety of all individuals using the storm shelter. Improper anchoring can put lives at risk during severe weather events.

Yes, an above ground storm shelter can be moved, but it requires professional removal and reinstallation services. If you have an above ground storm shelter you want moved, call us at (405) 600-4905 for a free estimate.

Above ground storm shelters are engineered to provide equal or better protection compared to below ground shelters and meet or exceed the same safety standards.

It is recommended to consider the number of people who will be using the shelter and any mobility needs when choosing the right size above ground storm shelter. If you need help deciding, take our quiz or give us a call at (405) 600-4905.


We install above ground safe rooms anywhere within Oklahoma state lines. Areas outside of a 60 mile radius of Blanchard may incur a travel charge, which will be discussed at the time of booking.

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