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Choosing a Storm Shelter Company:
What You Should Know

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choosing the best storm shelter company in oklahoma

It’s March in Oklahoma. The start of springtime & storm season.

Time to think about getting that storm shelter you’ve been wanting.

There are so many storm shelter companies out there.

But which one do you call? Who can you trust?

With all the scams happening in our state (especially after a storm), it’s smart to do your research.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important things you should know and look for when choosing a storm shelter company. 

**This post is focused on storm shelter companies and their installers; however, this information can be helpful when choosing any type of contractor or sub-contractor**

Product Page_6x8 Concrete Above Ground Storm Shelter_Sulphur Oklahoma

is the company fully insured?

Fully insured companies have several different insurance policies to protect both you and them.

General Liability offers financial protection against any damage done on your property. Accidents are possible when operating heavy equipment and moving 15,000-30,000 lb. storm shelters, so a general liability policy is a must for anyone you hire to work on your property.

Equipment & vehicles should be covered under a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy and/or Inland Marine Insurance Policy (an insurance policy for equipment and materials that are hauled to different locations. For example, our backhoe.) This protects against damage caused by these vehicles. If equipment and company vehicles are uninsured, this leaves the property owner responsible for damages or injuries that happen on the property.

Employees doing work on your property must be covered under Workers Compensation. This policy covers injuries to the workers that occur on the job site. Working in and around heavy equipment is a dangerous job, so it’s important to make sure employees are covered too!

YOU, the homeowner or business owner, take on a huge risk when hiring uninsured or partially insured contractors. This can be both dangerous and pricey. Don’t take a risk by hiring a company that isn’t fully insured!

Product Page_6x8 Flat Top Storm Shelter_New Construction In Garage

read reviews & do your homework

Do a Google search.

Check for reviews on Facebook, Google, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, & Angi. 
NOTE: Facebook gives businesses an option to hide the review section. If you can’t find Facebook reviews, there’s probably a reason they are hidden. The written reviews are the ones that count, don’t pay attention to those 5 stars with no written review attached. 

Visit the company website. Look at pictures of their work.

Look the company up on Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints. If so, were they resolved?

details are important

Do their products meet or exceed FEMA guidelines? Were they tested and certified at the Texas Tech Wind Institute? 

Shelters are tested at the Wind Institute to make sure the shelter can survive a direct hit from a tornado. 

Are they the installers or do they sub-contract the jobs? This is NOT a deal breaker, it’s just a good idea to know the background of the company or contractor doing the actual labor and to have the same opportunity to research them as well. Subcontracting can sometimes be a good thing.

Are they experienced? Even if the business is new, the operator may still have several years of experience. Ask!

Call the company and ask questions. Let’s be honest. If a company rubs you the wrong way, you won’t be satisfied with the work no matter how well it’s done. Make sure you are comfortable with the company you choose. Go with your gut.

Product Page_5×7 concrete above ground storm shelter Tuttle Oklahoma

how much will the job cost you?

Try not to let price be your deciding factor. Qualifications are much more important than price. When it comes to storm shelters (and contractors in general), cheaper is almost NEVER better. Super cheap prices = cut corners, low quality products, and/or poor workmanship = All RED FLAGS. Most storm shelter companies are pretty competitively priced.

If you’re asked to pay a large chunk of money or in full up front, run away. A small deposit is fine, especially during storm season. Final payment should be accepted upon completion of the job, never before. This is a HUGE red flag!!!

Do they add any taxes or fees to their prices? Make sure you know what to expect up front! These can add up, especially when you buy a storm shelter from a large retailer. 

Is installation included in the price? Know the final price before agreeing to hire the company!


Sprague's Backhoe is fully insured, DEQ certified, licensed and bonded. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and are highly skilled at what we do. We've built our company based on integrity, quality & reliability and our reviews say it all. We are looking forward to earning your trust and your business.

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