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Oklahoma Tornado History and the Growing Need for Storm Shelters

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Oklahoma tornado history

Oklahoma is known for its severe weather, particularly tornadoes. The state has a long history of dealing with these powerful storms, dating back to the late 1800s.

One of the most notable tornado outbreaks in Oklahoma occurred in May of 1899. This outbreak, known as the “Great Cyclone,” produced multiple tornadoes across the state, causing widespread damage and loss of life. This event served as a wake-up call for Oklahomans, and efforts were made to better understand and predict tornadoes in the years that followed.

In the decades that followed, Oklahoma continued to experience devastating tornadoes, including the tornadoes of 1947 and 1955. These storms resulted in significant loss of life and property damage, and highlighted the need for better warning systems and preparedness measures. In 1999, the Moore tornado further emphasized the need for preparedness, as it resulted in 36 fatalities and widespread damage.

In recent years, Oklahoma has seen an increase in the number of tornadoes. This increase has led to an increased need for storm shelters in Oklahoma. Many residents now have storm shelters in their homes or nearby to protect themselves and their families in the event of a tornado.

Oklahoma Tornado History_Moore Oklahoma

Despite the efforts that have been made to improve tornado warning systems and preparedness measures, tornadoes continue to pose a significant threat to Oklahoma residents. It is more important than ever for Oklahomans to be prepared for tornadoes. This includes having a storm shelter or safe room installed at your home, having a plan for what to do during a tornado, and staying informed about the latest weather forecasts and warnings.

In conclusion, Oklahoma has a long history of dealing with tornadoes and the state has made significant progress in understanding and predicting these storms. However, the increasing frequency and severity of tornadoes in Oklahoma makes it more important than ever for residents to be prepared. Storm shelters and safe rooms can provide critical protection during a tornado and should be an important consideration for any homeowner in Oklahoma.

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