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Safe Room Grants & Rebates: How it Works

Raise your hand if you’ve received a safe room grant or rebate in Oklahoma. We’ve gotten so many calls this week from rebate recipients…….. Now what do you do? Let me tell you, I’ve attended grant and rebate meetings recently and they make it sound like a scary thing. The process […]

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Grady County FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate Program

Grady County has received the FEMA Storm Shelter Rebate & awardees + alternates have been announced today. We are experts at working with grant & rebate recipients. We make the process as easy as possible for you! Click here to see how it works. All of our storm shelter doors […]

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Storm Shelter Grant & Rebate Programs: How to Apply

Over the last several years, we have installed more storm shelters & safe rooms for storm shelter grant and storm shelter rebate recipients than we can count. We’ve worked with American Red Cross, numerous cities and counties in Oklahoma, and most Native American Tribes in Oklahoma. Storm shelter grants & rebates both give homeowners […]

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