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Storm Shelter Grant & Rebate Programs: How to Apply

Storm Shelter Grant & Rebate Programs: How to Apply

Over the last several years, we have installed more storm shelters & safe rooms for storm shelter grant and storm shelter rebate recipients than we can count.

We’ve worked with American Red Cross, numerous cities and counties in Oklahoma, FEMA, and most Native American Tribes in Oklahoma.

Storm shelter grants & rebates both give homeowners assistance in purchasing a storm shelter, but they work a little differently.

A Storm Shelter Rebate program offers the homeowner a rebate of a certain dollar amount or percentage of the storm shelter value. The homeowner must pay for the storm shelter in full at the time of installation. Once the storm shelter has been installed, the homeowner will file all of the required paperwork (most of it will be provided by the storm shelter installer), the city, county or organization issuing the storm shelter rebate will then process your rebate check. This process could take up to 12 weeks or longer.

If you can’t pay for your storm shelter up front, don’t give up your spot in the program just yet. Over half of our FEMA rebate customers finance their shelters. We offer financing at 2.99% APR with payments as low as $80/month. Click here to get pre-approved.

A Storm Shelter Grant program offers financial assistance to homeowners up front. The value of storm shelter grants vary by organization. Many of the grant programs offer the homeowner $1,250-$2,500. The homeowner is responsible for the difference. At the time of installation, the homeowner gives us the grant paperwork and a check for the remainder of the balance (Ex. storm shelter $2,750 – grant $2,500 = $250 remaining.) We submit everything needed and the organization pays the grant money directly to us.

Our most popular storm shelter for grant & rebate recipients is the 6×8 slope front storm shelter, but we have several other options to choose from also!

All of our storm shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320/361 & ICC 500 guidelines AND all city building codes. We are experts at installing storm shelters. Call us today to learn more! 405-367-7655

Interested in applying for a storm shelter grant or rebate program? Check with your city, county, tribe or click the links below.

We will update this list as needed.