Septic Systems in Tuttle, Oklahoma

We have been installing septic systems in Tuttle, Oklahoma since we opened in 2013, but have over 15 years experience. We love what we do and it shows in our work.

Whichever type of septic system we install at your home or business, you can trust that it will be installed properly and with the highest degree of quality. We work closely with homeowners and business owners to ensure that they are completely satisfied with every job that we do. Read more about us…

Residential & commercial customers in Tuttle, Oklahoma call us for septic system installations because we are highly skilled at what we do, we offer the highest degree of customer satisfaction, we have almost 2 decades of experience in septic system installation, we treat every yard as if it were our own and we aren’t salesmen.

We specialize in conventional septic system (lateral line/leech line) installations. Sometimes an aerobic system is the only option for some homeowners, but if a conventional septic system is possible, we highly recommend this type of system. Click here to find out why.

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Three Types of Septic Systems Available in Tuttle, Oklahoma:

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Also known as lateral lines and leech lines, a conventional septic system is often less expensive and more efficient than an aerobic system but only with absorbent soil. This type of system is low-maintenance. Click the image above to learn more about the conventional septic system.

Also known as a Spray Irrigation System, an aerobic system is suitable for use in almost any soil condition and does not require a large area. This type of system is high-maintenance. Click the image above to learn more about the aerobic septic system.

Lagoons are an effective waste treatment system in central and western Oklahoma and are fairly easy to maintain. Click the image above to learn more about lagoons.

Septic System Failure

Conventional Septic Systems

If you are experiencing septic tank drain field problems, septic tank collapse or septic water coming out of the ground, these are all signs of a failing leach field. A properly installed conventional septic system will typically last anywhere from 20-40 years as long as you follow the basic rules of septic systems.

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Aerobic Septic Systems

Although these systems are high maintenance, they can last a long time with regular routine maintenance. We recommend signing up for a routine maintenance program.

Customer Reviews

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I can’t say enough great things about Sprague’s Backhoe and Jack and Stacey! They made the installation of my aerobic septic system so smooth and stress free! They not only took care of correlating all the other needed services, but kept me informed through the entire process!
Hopefully, I’ll be purchasing a storm shelter in the future and I will be contacting them again! Thank you, Jack and Stacey!

Shirley S.
Chickasha, OK

Sprague’s has done several jobs for us – septic w/lateral lines, driveway w/tinhorn, storm shelter & delivered several loads of gravel and topsoil. They are great people. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Lori C.
Bridge Creek, OK

There are not enough stars to properly rate this company. They have been the best since day one. They made my son and his wife’s first home set up a breeze! He has gone out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. He is, should I say, a Jack of all trades?!?…literally since his name is Jack and there is nothing he can’t do. He has went above and beyond in all aspects. If you need a septic, storm shelter, driveway work or any backhoe services, then I strongly recommend you to call Sprague’s Backhoe! Thank you Jack for everything sir!

Aaron D.
Tuttle, OK

Septic System Installation Areas:

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Bridge Creek

Del City
El Reno

Midwest City

Nichols Hills
Nicoma Park


The Village
Union City
Warr Acres

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