Sprague's Backhoe has over 15 years experience in septic system installations. We are a DEQ Certified Installer, licensed, bonded & fully insured.

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Three Types of Septic Systems:

Conventional Systems

We specialize in conventional septic systems. Also known as lateral lines and leech lines, this system is often less expensive and more efficient than an aerobic system but only with absorbent soil, which will be determined by the soil test.


An aerobic system, also known as a spray irrigation system, is suitable for use in almost any soil condition and does not require a large area.


Lagoons are an effective waste treatment system in central and western Oklahoma and are fairly easy to maintain. Per DEQ, lagoons can only be constructed on a piece of land that is at least 2.5 acres. Lagoons must be located in a sunny area where trees and other structures will not restrict sunlight exposure or air flow.