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drilling lines for septic tank

Sprague's Backhoe has been installing and repairing septic systems in Oklahoma since we opened in 2013 and have over 15 years experience in septic system installations. We have worked hard to earn a reputation for quality, honesty & integrity.

Sprague's Backhoe is DEQ certified, licensed, bonded, insured and highly skilled at operating & working in tight spaces. Regardless of the type of septic system you end up with, you can be sure it will be installed right the first time. We use high quality materials and most importantly, we don't cut corners.

We specialize in conventional septic system/lateral line installations.

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Three Types of Septic Systems:

backhoe diging up Conventional Septic Systems

Conventional Systems

We specialize in conventional septic systems. Also known as lateral lines and leech lines, this system is often less expensive and more efficient than an aerobic system but only with absorbent soil, which will be determined by the soil test.

AEROBIC Septic Systems


An aerobic system, also known as a spray irrigation system, is suitable for use in almost any soil condition and does not require a large area.

Lagoon insllation


Lagoons are an effective waste treatment system in central and western Oklahoma and are fairly easy to maintain. Per DEQ, lagoons can only be constructed on a piece of land that is at least 2.5 acres. Lagoons must be located in a sunny area where trees and other structures will not restrict sunlight exposure or air flow.

Oklahoma DEQ requires homeowners to have a soil test done before the installation of a conventional septic system to determine if this system type is an option for you and how many feet of lateral lines you'll need. If you need help finding a certified soil tester in your area, call Sprague's Backhoe at (405) 367-7655 and we can recommend one for you.

Soil tests are not required for aerobic system installations.

While it's impossible to make it look like we haven't been there at all, we spend extra time after the installation dressing up your yard as best as we can.

Sprague's Backhoe will have lines located through OKIE 811 before the installation. The homeowner is responsible for marking private lines, such as water & gas.