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Choosing the Right Storm Shelter for Your Business

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Storm Shelter for Your Business

If you are a business owner in Oklahoma, you've probably tossed around the idea of installing a storm shelter or safe room at your business to keep you, employees or customers safe in the event of a tornado.

More and more business owners are calling Sprague's Backhoe to have storm shelters installed at their business locations. See 7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us and You Will Too. There are three things to consider when choosing the right storm shelter for your business.

What is your space like?

Is there room to install a shelter outside? Sometimes inside is the only option. We’ve done storm shelters on oilfield sites, daycares, group homes, inside buildings with limited space and more. We’ve even installed steel safe rooms inside high volume call centers. {Almost} anything is possible.

How many people are at your location at any given time?

Do customers come to your place of business? How many employees do you have? Our smallest outdoor shelter holds 10-12 people but we have a shelter that hold up to 25 people. The slope front shelters are most popular at business locations but we’ve done 3 6×13‘s at a church in Edmond to hold up to 75 people, so we can accommodate any needs – big or small.

Know who you are doing business with.

Research the company. Read their reviews. Look at photos of their work. Check out our blog post Choosing a Storm Shelter Company: What You Should Know to learn more about researching storm shelter companies and what to look for.

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There are so many companies out there nowadays. Who do you call and which shelter will work best for you?