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Available Products_6x8 concrete above ground storm shelter

Anadarko Above Ground Storm Shelters

Looking for a storm shelter that provides protection without the hassle of stairs? Consider an above ground storm shelter in Anadarko Oklahoma. Not only do they add a stylish touch to your property, they offer the same protection as an underground shelter. Let Sprague’s Backhoe install one for you today!

Available Products_6x8 Slope Front Storm Shelter

Anadarko Underground Storm Shelters

Every family’s storm shelter needs are different, and Sprague’s Backhoe has several options to fit your needs and budget. We take the time to understand your requirements, so we can recommend the best underground storm shelter for you and your family. With over 20 years of experience installing shelters, you can trust Sprague’s Backhoe to meet your needs.

Available Products_Storm Shelter Removal and Demolition

Anadarko Storm Shelter

Need to remove or demolish an old storm shelter in Anadarko Oklahoma? Sprague’s Backhoe can help. Many storm shelters over 20 years old no longer meet current safety guidelines, and sometimes residents simply want it gone. Whatever the reason, Sprague’s Backhoe offers safe and efficient storm shelter removal services.


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FAQs in Anadarko Oklahoma

Below, you can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers in Anadarko. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, make sure you visit our FAQ page to see answers to other common questions we get.

For more information about obtaining a storm shelter permit, call the City of Anadarko at (405) 247-2483.

No, there is no travel charge for installations and services in Anadarko.

Storm shelters installed in Anadarko, Oklahoma can be registered with the Anadarko Fire Department by downloading this form or online with Caddo County.


Financing is easy and can be done online. Once you've filled out your application, let us know so we can send you the paperwork your loan officer will ask for.


Customer Review

"We had a shelter put in. They scheduled us quickly and worked with our schedule in the process. They are very professional and super nice people! Our shelter looks great and we are very happy we chose Sprague's! Would highly recommend them to everyone we know!

Anadarko Oklahoma

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Home to National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians, the Southern Plains Indian Museum and the Bureau of Indian Affairs for Western Oklahoma, Anadarko Oklahoma is a community that our company is happy to serve. The community hosts several fun events throughout the year, including the Honor America Day Festival and a Christmas parade.