4 Things We Love About the EZ Entry 1

Have you heard about the EZ Entry shelter?

It’s one of our favorites.

To keep this post short, I’m going to share with you 4 of the many reasons we absolutely love this storm shelter.

This is THE Original EZ Entry design, folks. Many companies have tried to duplicate it, but they just aren’t quite the same.

This is our best selling storm shelter.

Oklahoman’s love it.

This storm shelter is perfect for all families…but especially perfect for those with physical limitations, kids & pets.

We love this storm shelter and our customers love this storm shelter.

The door is taller

The EZ Entry shelter door is 8″ taller than the regular slope front storm shelter, making it way easier to get in and out of…hence the name. Less squatting. Less ducking. Less squishing.

Door bonus: It’s powder coated to prevent rusting!**

It has an easy-to-walk-down staircase

The EZ Entry shelter has TWO extra steps, six total, making it more of a “staircase” to walk down. The staircase is also 4″ wider than the regular slope front shelter. The extra space behind the stairs makes a great place to store chairs, flashlights, water jugs and other necessities.

6×8 Slope Front Stairs

EZ Entry Stairs

It’s affordable

This shelter is only $3350. (Includes installation and tax.  NO hidden fees and NO deposit required!)  

Shelters comparable to this design cost over $3500 WITHOUT the extra features (see “It’s Gorgeous” below.) This is the best looking one on the market.

It’s gorgeous

Stamped concrete. BONUS: We don’t charge extra for the stamped design!

Powder coated door & stairs.

See for yourself…









**All of our storm shelters come standard with powder coated doors to prevent rusting at no extra charge to you.

All of our storm shelters EXCEED FEMA 320 and ICC 500 guidelines and weigh at least 8,000 pounds more than our competitors, depending on the model you choose.

Ready to purchase your EZ Entry Storm Shelter? Call us at 405-367-7655 or send us a message on Facebook.

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One thought on “4 Things We Love About the EZ Entry

  • Jeffrey Fields

    We have the EZ Entry Shelter that Jack (Sprague’s Backhoe) installed a couple years ago and had Jack come back and stained it for us this winter. I like it and highly recommend it.